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New Web Devs

Knowing where to start as a new web developer can be very confusing 😕

There's loads of programming languages & frameworks to choose from, so we we've made a New Developer Roadmap to guide you on your coding journey.

1. Start with the Basics

No matter what kind of developer you want to be (front-end, back-end, full-stack or mobile - we'll explain these later), we'd always recommend learning the basics of HTML & CSS first. These are the core building blocks that make up every web page you see in a browser.

HTML & CSS Crash Course
html course

2. Choose a Language

Now you know the essentials of how to make a website with HTML & CSS, it's time to crank it up a notch by learning your first programming language to add interactivity to your site. We'd recommend learning the basics of JavaScript, followed by TypeScript, because both of these can be used for front-end and backend web development.

3. Choose a Path

Now you have a core skill-set, it's time to decide what path you'd like to take next. Do you want to tackle back-end development, learn how to make API's & interact with databases? Or do you want to hone your front-end skills and learn more about CSS & UI libraries? Alternatively, you might want to learn about mobile development using a framework like Flutter.

Whatever path you choose, you can always change if you like. So don't fret too much right now. Maybe get a small taste of each one using the courses below.

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3.1 Front-end Development

Front-end development primarily consists of making things look & work great in a browser, by using HTML, CSS & JavaScript (and front-end libraries).

css layouts image

Learn how to build different layouts using CSS Grid.

Learn about CSS Grid
tailwind css image

Tailwind is a popular CSS library full of premade classes.

Learn Tailwind

SASS is a CSS pre-processor which adds extra CSS features

Learn SASS

3.2 Back-end Development

Back-end development is all about writing server-side code to handle requests. It's a wide field which includes topics like API's, databases and authentication.

css layouts image

Node.js is a runtime environment for writing server-side JavaScript

Learn Node.js
mongodb image

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that works well with Node.js

Learn MongoDB

GraphQL is a Query Language which aims to improve API calls

Learn GraphQL

3.3 Mobile Development

Mobile development is all about making cross-platform applications that can run on multiple platforms - like mobiles, tablets & desktops.

css layouts image

Dart is a language built for cross-platform development

Learn Dart
tailwind css image

Flutter is a framework for creating mobile apps with Dart

Learn Flutter

Riverpod is a state management solution for Flutter apps

Learn Riverpod

4. Next Steps

Once you've had a taste of the different pathways, it's time to focus on your favourite topics & become a coding ninja. Why not try one of these for starters: 🍿

Web Frameworks

If you're really enjoying front-end development, why not try a framework like Next.js or Nuxt? These are great tools for making dynamic web apps which come loaded with features like routing & reactivity.

Take the Next.js Masterclass

Coding Challenges

Why not put your new found web development skills to the test by trying some front-end coding challenges? They're a great way to solidify the things you've learnt so far.

Check out the Coding Challenges

Try a New Language

If you want to try something completely different, maybe give the Go a try. It's a really fun programming language invented by Google.

Check out the Golang Course

Looking for something more?

Check out our huge course library for hundreds more tutorials.

Web development is a HUGE topic, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Tutorials a GREAT for learning new topics, but they're no substitution for practise & project building. So always try putting your skills to the test by making new applications for your portfolio 💪

Also, remember to check out the 📢 Net Ninja Community Board for advice & to share your journey with other aspiring web devs 🙂

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