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Reviews from Net Ninja Viewers

  • Samha

    Net Ninja > Netflix 🤤

  • Сюлея

    Whenever I can't understand something in the programming courses I take or at uni, I turn to The Net Ninja - and whatever I need to know, he has an awesome and understandable video on it. So thank you! You're the best!

  • Donovan

    I've been following the Net Ninja fo a couple of years - his content has leveled my skills to become a successful developer. As an avid gamer, his references to classic video games while teaching code makes his videos even more enjoyable. 🙂

  • Rob

    Delivered with British Charm, you won't find any better introduction to web development.

  • Paul

    You are a bad ass code ninja. You have taught me all I know.

  • Brian

    Shaun's ability to explain complex programming in an approachable, easy to understand, and fun way is truly unmatched by any youtuber or even any college professor I've ever had. He is a treasure.