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What Other Students (Ninjas) Say...




Shaun's ability to explain complex programming in an approachable, easy to understand, and fun way is truly unmatched by any youtuber or even any college professor I've ever had. He is a treasure.


Istan L.


Shaun is a genuine teacher! He makes complex subjects easy to understand, and learning subjects I previously struggled with feels like playtime with him.


Jim W.


The explanations are well thought out and are presented in a logical progression, at a comfortable pace. Shaun is one of the best instructors that I've ever experienced.


Paulo N.


Clear concise and straightforward instructions. The instructor does a great job of making the lessons fun and enjoyable while keeping up with the learning objectives.




Whenever I can't understand something in the programming courses I take or at uni, I turn to The Net Ninja - and whatever I need to know, he has an awesome and understandable video on it. So thank you! You're the best!




Net Ninja > Netflix 🤤

But don't just take their word for it. Check out Net Ninja on YouTube for some free coding tutorials yourself 📺